Friday, March 25

I'm alive!

Hi everyone! It has been sooooooo long since I have posted. And there is a good reason, I promise. I got engaged! Adam proposed on October 17 during our vacation in hawaii. It was incredible to say the least and I still think about that special moment. Of course I've been cooking since October, but have been so busy with wedding planning. Me and my parents have been a great team and I cannot wait for the big day! September 4, mark your calendars! I figured this would be a great time to post because I'm hosting my dog's birthday party this sunday! She is turning 5 years old and we're having my parents, sister and future in-laws over for lunch. Just a good excuse to get everyone together and nosh. I'm planning a great menu, just have to get it all done. I will post photos and recipes soon after the party. Can't wait!


Leslie said...

geeeze..I was beginning to think you went into a sugar coma!!!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

Such amazing wonderful news! Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh. The good ones are always taken. But then again, I don't believe we've met. So heh, never mind. God bless you both.