Friday, April 10

DIY: Before & After (without the before)

Long before I started this blog, I had bought this mirror from salvation army. I just love that place, along with goodwill and other local thrift stores or flea markets. Eddie Ross is an expert on thrift stores and flea markets so be sure to check out his awesome finds.

On my weekly rounds of thrift stores I find this starburst mirror which is exactly what I was looking for to fill that empty space on top of my tv, in between my ladder bookshelves. It was originally a faded gold/bronze color and had a lot of scuffs on it, but I knew it had potential. And for $5, who could resist a little experimentation? I headed to Home Depot and bought a can of black matte spray paint. I didn't want it to be glossy because it would cheapen it (the key is to buy cheap, not to look cheap) so I chose a matte black instead. I made sure to do several smooth coats to get every surface. After a few hours it was dry and was ready for hanging. What are some of your most proud "before and afters"?

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