Saturday, April 4

Pillow talk

Today I am writing my first blog post ever! So, to celebrate I am talking about one of the first pieces I designed when I moved into my apartment. I live by myself, (but not for long! more on that later..) so I wanted to make my space special and my own. I had the basics: navy leather couch, small flat screen TV, and the most comfortable bed in the whole wide world. Since I bought a dark navy couch, I wanted pillows that really popped. So, I headed to this fabric warehouse that I had heard about from a friend. It was HUGE! I could have spent all day there just looking at all the beautiful fabrics. I went in with a mission: I wanted two contrasting fabrics on each side of the pillows. One side with a yellow pattern (to pop off the blue) and the other side....? I didn't know. My missions aren't that planned out anyways.

I found my perfect yellow, and then as I kept browsing I spotted a dark blue pattern that I loved. The total was $15. Not bad! I don't know how to sew (yet) so I asked a friend to help. Here is a good how-to. I bought square filler pillows at walmart ($3 each) and whoala! two beautiful pillows that really pop. You can really change a room by just adding accent pillows, so why not custom make your own?

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