Thursday, May 7

Thrift finds of the week: Milk Glass

I love milk glass. It is white, pristine and can have some lovely detail. I figured this compote could have several purposes: to hold lemons? mixed nuts? little soaps for the bathroom? fruit salad? Anything goes! I had to have it.

Price: $3

Note: The different blue bottles and vases behind the compote are from thrift stores as well ;) Including the wine decanter!


Marta said...

Thanks for the great thrifty find ;)
If you don't find pear & ginger jam, I'd just add more mango chutney and a tsp of ground ginger. Alternatively, some peach jam and a bit of ginger would take it to the sweeter side while still giving you a kick. I hope they turn out well for you, enjoy!

Claire said...

What a great find!