Tuesday, May 4

Monday Night Dinner

Have you ever had one of those dinners at home that came together so quickly but then eating it together with the person you love made you feel just so thankful? I had one of those dinners on Monday night.

It was a casual yet delicious meal of luscious scrambled eggs

crispy yukon golds

a sliced cucumber and tomato watercress salad and a whole roasted artichoke (not pictured).

We had the food on all separate plates and just grabbed a fork and ate off the plates on the table. It was such a fun way to eat and also delicious! What are some of your favorite dinners that you shared with your loved ones?


Jhonny walker said...

simple and delish...I love watercress

Karen said...

One of our favorite meals to have is a simple recipe for "greek chicken" with roasted potatoes. I got the recipe from the blog "food loves writing" and we've had it at least 2-3 times since...and are having it again this week! It's really so, so simple...but something about sharing it with the hubby, on our couch, over a nice glass of wine...perfection.

Lea Ann said...

Couldn't agree more. One of my favorite things to do is just clear the fridge with plates of pickles, olives, fruit, deli meat, crackers and just graze. Great post.