Sunday, July 11

Pizza Bake-Off!

A few weeks ago, my friend Amy and I planned a pizza bake-off party. Each of us would bake our own pie's at her and Michaels place while the boy's played with the dogs, drank beer and took some shots of us prepping. It was so fun!!
Here's how it went down:


This is Amy. She is sweet, kind and a fantastic cook.


This is me stretching out my dough.


This is amy stretching out her dough. She split hers in two to make two different pizza's: one she was going to grill and the other to bake. Just for kicks!


This is me brushing my dough with garlic infused olive oil. Mmmm.


Oh. I should probably introduce the pooches. This is my dog, Meshy. She is hyper, loves food, and loves to snuzzle.


This is Maddie, Amy and Michael's dog. She is super affectionate has the sweetest smile!


This is Amy's baked pizza with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Delicious!


This is Amy's grilled pizza with homemade tomato sauce basil and mozzarella! The tomato sauce really made it special.


This is my pizza with roasted tomato, basil and goat cheese. I loved the warm golden goat cheese on top. Next time I might add tomato sauce or pesto instead of tomato slices.

Overall it was a great night and so much fun making dinner with friends. What pizza would you make for your own pizza bake-off?


Joanne said...

This sounds like such a fun idea! All of the pizzas look fantastic.

morgan said...

LOVE it! I've been wanting to have a "potato-off" for quite some time, carb lover that I am. I love pizza of all colors, shapes and kinds so this makes me want pizza SO BAD right now!

Stacey Snacks said...

Great pizza and fabulous puppy shots!

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen said...

Wow they all look fantastic! I don't know which one I like best!

Ingrid said...

White pizza! Garlic, ricotta, and mozzarella!

Chef Fresco said...

Aww what a fun idea! Love all the shots. Each pizza looks amazing! We're actually having pizza tonight, thanks for the inspiration :)

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

Dying to do this! Just made dough the other night for the first time and was surprised at how easy it was. And the other night, went to a friends where we all decorated out pizzas by the pool. So much fun!