Wednesday, August 18

Simple Dessert: Honey Figs


I was perusing the farmers market during my lunch break the other day, as I often do, and spotted these gorgeous juice-filled figs. They are wonderful sweet or savory. A great savory party appetizer could be a grilled fig topped with goat cheese. However, for a simple dessert you don't have to think about, halve the figs and drizzle with honey. It's is a refreshing, sweet summer dessert without the oven heat.

What is your favorite oven-less dessert?


Joanne said...

Macerated strawberries in some balsamic vinegar are a serious favorite of mine. I do love figs though...I haven't seen them around this summer as often as I'd like!

ali @ gimmesomeoven said...

Beautiful! Love the simplicity of this! :)

Alisa said...

mm, I'm expecting figs in our CSA soon and will have to try this.

Really, probably just a nice ripe and juicy orange. I literally savor them.

Juliana said...

Love the simplicity of this...the figs look so yummie with a touch of honey :-)

Ingrid said...

I've never had a fig...I need to bite the bullet, er fig and just give it a try!

Kate Morgan Jackson said...

I've been eyeing the figs at my market for a a couple of weeks now - you've inspired me!