Sunday, April 19

DIY: Ribbon Frame

When I moved into my apartment, my walls were bare. And well, its been over a year...and most are still bare!  I'm slow. Verrry slow. I don't think I could ever decorate and furnish my home in one week flat like some people can. I like to take my time and find unique things as I go. This ribbon frame in my bedroom is the first DIY project I did, even before the pillows. My bedroom is black and white so I decided to add some some drama to the wall above my bed. I chose two of my favorite photographs I did from my summer semester in Italy ( I miss thee!) and hung them side by side. I found black frames with white matting and black ribbon from wal-mart. For this DIY project, any color goes! Don't be afraid to use any pops of color for your walls.

Ribbon Frame
any color ribbon
frame with hinges on the back
nail, hammer

1 Turn the frame over, back facing up. Pull one end of the ribbon through the first hinge, and then through the second, making a horizontal line across the back.
2 Turn frame over and pull the ribbon end up to desired length, leaving room for a bow (don't cut the ribbon yet)
3 Tie a bow with the other ribbon end (still attached to spool)
4 Diagonally cut second ribbon at desired length after bow is tied
5 Securely place your photograph into your frame and hang! 
You might need to adjust the bow after it is hung so the nail will not show.


orangesparrow said...

I love ribbon frames!

zoe said...

Me too :)

travelingmama said...

This is so pretty! Thanks for stopping by Travelingmama, too!

Anonymous said...

Ooh... such a good idea! It looks so much nicer with a touch of ribbon.